Stoned To Death Esports LLC.


Stoned to Death was founded by Matthew Beard back in December 2016. Starting off being an 18+ clan with a small group of Battlefield 1 players, they were able to introduce themselves into a competitive scene. Opening new boundaries S2D was able to expand from a small platoon of around 30 members, to growing over 200 members! From holding community events to competitive, S2D was able to keep the community strong.


What we offer our members is the opportunity to connect with gamer's of similar interests! We also hold Fun/Prized events, from squad meet-ups to 1v1 call outs. Our members are consistently on and never have trouble finding someone to Squad up with. They help each other out, as well as support each other. We try to make this community the best community for each one of our members, no matter what console they play on or what games they are into. Our community is for everyone 18 and over who wants to play with no judgement, no drama.  


Some of the things to look out for also will be Strain Reviews. As Cannabis is becoming legal in many states, we have many members that would like to know the medical benefits with certain strains as to just wanting to know what it is like. Will have some members test out some of the best strains to best products out in the market today to provide our best knowledge for all consumers. 


S2D also has a community for everything related from outdoor activities, hiking, fishing and anything not gaming related. We understand that some days/nights are too beautiful to sit inside. Seeing the beauties of nature around the world, even fishing from a pond, we enjoy the outdoors just as much as you do! 


In the year 2020 S2D became officially Stoned To Death Esports LLC. Its main action is creating custom Apparel. It still holds a spot in the gaming industry, having a website to host community events for our members. Each event there's a chance to win a prize, to help give back to the players that join. We look forward to expanding our league into other areas, as our goal is to bring our community a league everyone will enjoy! With our current set up, you can access our league and events either thru our website or app, that we have thru the website. We believe in having an easy system that everyone can understand and use for all our events! We don't want to leave anyone behind and hope to bring more to the table in the future! 


S2D also has a competitive team for Call of Duty. The team is looking to make its mark and to let everyone know S2DE is not a team to doubt! From entering other leagues to our own, this will be our team that we cheer on as they battle their way to the top! With new systems coming out and games we will be looking to expand our areas in all competitive games! 


-Apart of S2D Esports-

Matthew Beard

TreyBryan Grelle

Gunner Marshall Unger Sr.

Richard Chavez


Our affiliates are JerkyPro and Maw Energy. JerkyPro who is based out of Ohio, makes and sells 100% organic Beef Jerky made right in the U.S.A. We are able to give our member’s/fan’s a 5% Discount on all JerkyPro Products by using code S2D at the checkout! Maw Energy is a source of energy that is the perfect mixture of health an focus that will help fuel your game to the next level. Using a mix vitamin C,B6,B12 and natural caffeine with no sugar to give you the best performance without the crash. manufactured out of Utah and delivered to your front door for the best convenience  


S2D Mission-

To make a name in the Gamer/ Cannabis industry and to create a recognizable league for our community.


Our Mission Statement is-

“No Judgement, No Drama, Never Game Alone.”


Our Social Medias-

FaceBook Page- https://www.facebook.com/S2DEsports/ 


FaceBook Gaming Community-https://www.facebook.com/groups/639138679625305/


FaceBook BackWoods Community- https://www.facebook.com/groups/969956739850158/









Website- https://www.stonedtodeath.com/ 




Maw Energy- https://drinkmaw.com/


On Facebook

On Facebook is probably the best way to meet the community.  Don't be afraid to join the group!

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On Youtube

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Jerky Pro

jerkypro-Premier USDa and FDA approved beef jerky. Low-fat high-protein. 100% Made in America. Go to snack choice for pro-gamers and athletes!

Our Misson

Our mission is to link gamers with similar interests and preferences in games, so that no gamer has to play alone!

Stoned To Death Esport's 

is also looking to build 

a 18+ League for

all member's to