Rules & Regulations 
WarZone Races

- Purchase tickets from the link on our home page and complete the necessary forms. If there is an error, contact us immediately!

- Don't forget to check in on the discord channel a half hour before you run begins! Please see the home page for the discord information. If you do not CHECK IN, your team will be disqualified and no refund will be issued!!!!

- 100 games MINIMUM for K/D to be valid. ABSOLUTELY NO HACKING OR ALTERNATE ACCOUNTS/REVERSE BOOSTING WILL BE ACCEPTED. Anyone caught violating these rules will be automatically disqualified and permanently banned.

"Point Per Placement"
- 1st Place: 10 points
- 2nd Place: 7 points
- 3rd Place: 5 points
- 4th Place- 10th Place: 2 points
- Points per Kill: 1 point (no cap)

Allowed streaming platforms:
-  Facebook Gaming, Twitch, Youtube

-All players entered into event must be present/ If a player cannot make it- your Sub must be approved 24hr in advance with League Staff on Discord. If not approved can run with what you have or forfeit the event. 

- AT LEAST ONE member of each team is to check in on discord a half hour before each event begins!!!!!!
- AT LEAST ONE member of each team is required to stream.

- No camera is required to stream. 

- Archive mode MUST be turned ON. (This means the stream is saved and publicly viewable for at least 48 hours.) 

- The title of your stream MUST include S2D Esports. The title of your stream MUST NOT include another event title.
- Your stream of the event may begin no sooner than a half hour before your run begins CST, and must end no later than a half hour after your 4 hour ends CST.

- If your stream crashes during the event restart the stream!!!

- Any game that is submitted must be streamed in full. All entries must include kills and any placements. (If you miss placement shot add stream time with entry for kills. Must have either one for points to count!)  

 - Failure to adhere to the Rules/Streaming Requirements may result in a DQ at the discretion of S2D Esport's!